SSG's medical device component coatings produced in new controlled environment


Chicago-based company employs treatment process to hyper clean and remove iron oxides on stainless steel and nitinol substrates, prior to coating

Surface Solutions Group, (SSG), an industry leading automated applicator of PTFE and other non-stick coatings used in the medical device industry, now offers a clean, end-to-end production workflow in its newly built, controlled environment facility.

SSG has devoted more than 28,000ft2 to the development and application of functional medical device coatings. It has six lines, processing medical guide wires, coils, mandrels and cables in both PTFE and hydrophilic coatings.

"Our clients have called it 'one of the most advanced facilities in the world' for the application of PTFE coatings," said George Osterhout, SSG President.

"It's been constructed to the levels of a device manufacturer. All incoming air is HEPA-filtered; each coating room has its own HVAC unit, precisely controlling the operating temperatures and humidity. The hydrophilic production area includes gowning procedures to reduce air- and human-borne contaminants." 

The company uses hospital-quality, oil-free compound air throughout the facility. 

"Combining the benefits of our new, controlled environment facility with SSG's proprietary FluoroBond-PT automated process further enhances our commitment to quality," added Osterhout. 

"To date, there has been no delamination in the field on guild wires that were coated in our faciliity with SSG's unique FluoroBond-PT process." 

FluoroBond-PT is an environmentally friendly treatment process developed by SSG to hyper clean and remove iron oxides on stainless steel and nitinol substrates, prior to coating. 

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This solves the dangerous PTFE coating delamination issues experienced in catheterisation labs, operating rooms, and doctor's offices.