Schilling Engineering installs cleanroom for thinfilm specialist

Published: 13-May-2011

The CleanCell modular cleanroom system is well suited to the needs of the thinfilm industry

Schilling Engineering has installed one of is modular cleanrooms for Siegert TFT, a leading specialist in Germany in the field of thinfilm technology. Siegert TFT’s products have applications in thinfilm structures for electronics, such as precision resistors, and sensors for measuring heat, pressure, force and acceleration.

To meet the high quality demands of its customers, Siegert TFT decided to invest in an additional class 1000 cleanroom, close to its existing class 100 cleanroom. Cleanroom specialist Schilling Engineering, based in Wütoschingen, was tasked with installing one of its ‘CleanCell’ facilities with climatic control.

In particular, the requirements for a modular building with large windows and innovative, highly efficient HVAC technology, and the use of Ultra High efficiency filters, were the main reasons why Siegert chose to use the southern German firm.

Developed by Schilling Engineering, the CleanCell cleanroom system is well suited to the needs of the thinfilm industry and enabled Siegert TFT to be up and ready for production in just four months. It has also provided product quality gains and lower maintenance costs.

The CleanCell system is a self-supporting, modular construction system with composite panel-wall fillings and extensive cleanroom windows. It has an innovative sealing system, H14 HEPA high performed-filter-fan-module, fully integrated and flush mounted cleanroom lighting, clean air-over-flowing grilles near the ground and integrated changing rooms.

The company also offers CleanCell systems for medical device and sterile optical product assembly.

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