Schilling Engineering introduces CleanCell 4.0 at Powtech

Published: 3-Aug-2017

The Baden-Württemberg company has designed a more intelligent and efficient cleanroom system that will be promoted at Powtech in Nuremberg, Germany on 26 – 28 September

The new CleanCell4.0 cleanroom system combines low-particle production with state-of-the-art information technology. The smart system links air conditioning, monitoring and customer-side process systems.

Regulation of components such as particle count, temperature, humidity and air pressure in the rooms can be adjusted and monitored by means of sensor data. Smart devices allow the settings to be made from any location or via remote service.

The improved system from Schilling Engineering uses highly energy-efficient cleanroom technology and, with an ‘A+’ rating, exhibits a significantly lower energy consumption than that of comparable clean room systems.

The interplay between innovative air circulation technology, high-quality seals and low-maintenance components makes the cleanrooms extremely safe and efficient.

The recirculation process feeds the cooled and filtered air back into the air exchange circuit. This allows filters and air conditioning equipment to be operated much more economically.

The cleanroom system is now equipped with integrated heat recovery for an additional drastic reduction in energy consumption.

Another innovation a GMP-compliant LED lighting system which is flush-mounted in the aluminium profiles on the ceiling. The lighting is dimmable and offers flexible and balanced illumination of the entire room.

The CleanCell4.0 cleanroom system has a modular design. The wall elements of the clean room are connected using a patented silicone-free GMP sealing clip system. Now as well the ceiling panels with integrated high-performance U15 ULPA filters can be installed and connected using the silicone-free clip system. This guarantees an extremely high clean room tightness and low particle emissions and offers the advantage of flexible extension or reduction.

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