Schilling completes cosmetics cleanroom to pharma standards

Published: 18-Feb-2020

Louis Widmer has employed Schilling Engineering to install a sampling cabin at its facility

Schilling Engineering has completed a cleanroom for the Swiss cosmetics company Louis Widmer in Schlieren.

The Swiss company has put a CleanSteriCell cleanroom system into operation for the safe sampling of raw materials for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

The sampling cabin reaches cleanroom class GMP D. Containers are securely introduced into the cleanroom via two mutually lockable roller doors via a material lock that covers almost six sqm.

In the cleanroom, which is equipped with three fan filter units (FFUs), the containers are sampled and then tested.

All Louis Widmer products are manufactured according to the guidelines for pharmaceutical products and are subject to stringent quality standards and controls. The process begins with the raw materials. Purity and content must meet the highest requirements. Production has been carried out for ten years in cleanrooms with purified compressed air and cutting-edge technology. Thanks to this sterile environment, the use of preservatives can be kept to a minimum – and this makes the products even more widely tolerated.

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