Sphairlab launches off-the-shelf controlled environment

By Murielle Gonzalez | Published: 4-Dec-2019

German cleanroom specialist has developed an affordable envelope complete with airlock, fan unit and light

Sphairlab, the German cleanroom specialist, has expanded its offering with a new product that is simple to install and affordable.

Wolfgang Hassa of Sphairlab told CT the new launch aims to fill a gap in the market: “Companies outside pharma and medical devices are emerging in Germany, and they have to work under clean conditions. Businesses in assembly, production or packaging, for example, don’t need an ISO or GMP-classified cleanroom. They just need a clean and controlled environment."

For Hassa, the cleanroom industry doesn't have adequate solutions for such specific application other than "very expensive cleanrooms with low-level filters", he said.

"These companies can’t afford a cleanroom with a price of 2000 €/sqm. For these clients, we have a launched the new Sphairlab product," he explains.

The new Sphairlab cleanroom is 25 sqm and costs €25,000 complete with airlock, fan unit, envelope and light.

"It uses a simply fan with an F9 Filter, a simply airlock with a metal frame and fabric cover and a pure and simple envelope. The idea is the same as we have with the original Sphairlab, but now we can make it even more simple due to less certification, less documentation, less monitoring and less expensive," he concludes.

Commenting on the build, Hassa said the Sphairlab envelope can easily be fitted over the machines or assembly station and blow the structure up like a tent.
"We can create a cleanroom in one day from a dirty air production into an ISO 9 cleanroom," he concludes.

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