Suncombe launches CIP and WIP for isolators and gloveboxes

Published: 25-Jun-2014

Standard and customisable system allows reliable, repeatable and validatable CIP and WIP of isolators and gloveboxes

Suncombe, a leading UK clean-in-place and hygienic process engineering company, has launched the IsolatorCIP to offer a solution for automated cleaning-in-place (CIP) and washing-in-place (WIP) for isolators and gloveboxes.

Incorporating, innovative and novel methodologies, the IsolatorCIP was developed in response to industry demands, to provide a standard and customisable system, allowing reliable, repeatable and validatable CIP and WIP of isolators and gloveboxes. Designed for a range of detergent and/or solvent cleaning, the IsolatorCIP incorporates Lean Manufacturing Principles to ensure that waste is minimised and efficiency is maximised.

Utilising variable duty configurations, the IsolatorCIP can also be used to effectively clean processing equipment enclosed in the isolator or fitted onto the in-feed or discharge. The base unit is a fully hygienic version that incorporates replaceable modules, with optional modules for sterile use, including sanitising and sterilising configurations.

'The release of the IsolatorCIP is due to a great deal of interest from different market sectors,' said Steve Overton, Technical Director at Suncombe. 'Our clients were looking for a solution for this specialist cleaning area that could be tailored to suit different applications against different industry standards. We have supplied base IsolatorCIP for applications in the food industry and WIP applications in BioPharma, and used variants for sterilising, ASME BPE, GAMP and ATEX requirements.'

Manufactured from 316L certified stainless steels and incorporating high quality components, the machines are fabricated by qualified technicians to certified procedures. Incorporating a user-friendly colour touch screen, they provide the optimum control of the entire process using an easily configured recipe structure and provide confirmation at the successful completion of cycle. Remote control facilities can be incorporated for interfacing to the isolator control systems.

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