Telstar develops standard series modular weighing booths

Published: 9-Jan-2018

The company optimises downflow booths and reduces delivery times from thirteen to three weeks

Telstar has developed a new standardised range of downflow booths for weighing and sampling used for materials dispensing and dosage processes.

Designed to meet the most commonly demanding requirements needed for this range of equipment, the company has developed a new standardised version of nine different size models, shaped by conventional and standard requisites, based on a compact modular structure.

The new modular and compact range of cabinets speeds the design and installation process of cabinets, significantly reducing delivery times.

Specially designed for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and fine chemical industries, the new standardised range is based on pre-designed models that do not require dedicated engineering or project management resources, which enables a significant delivery time reduction, from 13 weeks down to three, depending on the model chosen and current availability.

The modular booths offer versatility for processes where powders are being handled or dust is likely, such as sampling, fractioning and weighing, manufacture of tablets and capsules and packaging of antibiotics, hormones and cytostatics.

The booths have been designed to provide protection for the user at operator exposure levels (OEL) of between 50 and 100 µg/m3 in the working area and create a sterile unidirectional flow area (Class ISO 5 – ISO 14644-1) to protect the product against potential local contaminants and possible cross-contamination with other products or processes. Lower levels of containment (10μg/m3) can be achieved by using purpose designed workstations and containment screens.

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