Telstar supplies isolators to Finnish pharma company

Published: 6-Sep-2018

The life sciences equipment provider has delivered six high containment multi chamber, multi functional isolators to Orion

All the isolators provided to the pharmaceutical company Orion, have been developed by Telstar as multi chamber units to contain specific operations related to sampling, dispensing, mixing and blending of multiple API’s, and excipients for a wide range of products.

The package of isolators was recently completed with a unit in which mixing of liquids and blending of powders were introduced into their process requirements. A challenging technical requisite solved by integration of a multi-purpose docking port for the mixing and blending requirements, a height adjustable ATEX rated mixer, heater pad and split butterfly valve.

A key challenge for all the projects was that the isolators had to be designed for multi-products, with multiple sizes and shapes of containers, including GMP and cleanability as one of the most relevant issues to avoid cross contamination. Telstar incorporated a semi-automatic detergent wash system to clean and dry the isolators in a short time for faster changeover from product to product.

In addition the weighing requirements were very stringent and it was essential that the weighing system communicated directly with the dispensary management system of the pharmaceutical company. In some cases the pharmaceutical process requires that the product be weighed into bags via split butterfly valves, however the exposure level the valves were capable of attaining was deemed too limited.

Consequently Telstar enclosed the offload process in a dedicated isolator chamber, which presented additional ergonomic issues due to the operator position and the weights involved. To solve this issue Telstar provided a unique lifting system coupled with a live product weighing station.

Each and every isolator underwent thorough ergonomic trials with Orion’s operators to ensure all aspects of the processes involved were considered and indeed possible in the final design.

Finally all the isolators have been designed and manufactured with multiple filtration and fan systems to maintain stringent operating parameters.

“One of the most positive points from all the five contracts is that the key people from Orion and Telstar have stayed the same throughout. The relationship and understanding of each other has developed over the last 6 years, including the workshop and site technicians at Telstar, who know exactly what the client expects from each isolator”, said Tony Rhodes, Sales Manager at Telstar's Technology Centre for Barrier Isolation System in Dewsbury,UK.

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