UK company makes anti-static bar even smaller

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques' 47 mm 24V DC static eliminator can be combined with a fixed nozzle for ionised air cleaning, as well as forming an ionised airgun

The 3024 Ultra-Compact

UK Fraser Anti-Static Techniques has followed the successful launch of the world’s shortest 24V DC anti-static bar with an even smaller close-range ionising tool. At just 47 mm in operational length, the 3024 Ultra-Compact 24V DC static eliminator can also be combined with a fixed nozzle for ionised air cleaning, as well as forming an ionised airgun.

The 3024 Ultra-Compact can be used in the most confined of spaces. Like its sister product – the 3024 Compact bar launched in June this year – the 3024 Ultra-Compact has built-in high voltage electronics to deliver powerful static elimination at close range to a substrate or other material.

The static control specialist’s CEO, Bruce Clothier, said: “We have developed the 3024 Ultra-Compact in response to customer demand for elimination of static in high-performance machinery where space is at a minimum. We’ve been able to package our advanced technology into a device that can literally fit in the palm of your hand – maintaining the power and performance you would expect from Fraser.

“After a soft launch of the product we have found our customers are using it either as a single ioniser or combined with a nozzle or gun handle to form an ionised air cleaning device," Clothier added. "It is clearly a versatile product that is also finding a home across many industries, from printing and labelling to parts cleaning in medical and other sectors. Ion balance makes it suitable for most industrial applications where static control is essential.”

The 3024 Ultra-Compact is simple to retrofit with integrated mounting holes and standard M8 4-pin connector. At just 80 mm x 47 mm x 16 mm (excluding connector), it has an ideal operating distance of 20 mm to 150 mm. Each device is capable of delivering up to 7.5 kV from a low voltage 24 V DC input. Pulsed DC high voltage provides excellent charge decay performance even at longer distances.

The 3024 Ultra-Compact is highly durable and safe. The resistively coupled tungsten emitters provide unlimited life and reduce the current to a shockless level. It is protected against under-voltage, overload and reverse polarity. You can also remotely monitor operational status using outputs compatible with IEC 61131-2 Type 3 PLC inputs, enabling customers to maximise its performance in any environment. Fraser also offers an external AC-DC PSU where 24 V DC is not available.

Fraser is developing electrostatic control technology, and the entire 3024 product range is now available from Fraser and its global distribution network.