Vishay Intertechnology expands cleanroom production in Selb

Published: 18-Apr-2017

Energy efficient, modular system with remote maintenance capabilities offers 500sqm of electrical component production space, built with the help of Schilling Engineering

Vishay, an international manufacturer of electronic components, is expanding its headquarters in Selb, Germany, and investing in state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities.

For electrical components to perform perfect function, they must be produced in a virtually particle-free area, i.e., under clean conditions.

A specialist in cleanroom build and design, Schilling Engineering from Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, was commissioned to build the facility.

With 22,000 employees worldwide, Vishay is one of the largest manufacturers of discrete semiconductor elements and passive electronic components.

The expansion includes investment in a 500m2 ISO class 7 cleanroom facility for the production of high stability resistors.

The Selb production site is a “vital pillar” of Vishay, say the company, with more than 800 employees. The company says it invests a great deal in training and technical equipment.

The cleanroom

Schilling Engineering's CleanCell 4.0 cleanroom system ensures that a constant cleanroom air quality of the cleanroom class ISO 7. Machines and workstations are accommodated for the production of the smallest electronic resistors.

Three rooms divide different work areas. The areas are connected to each other by means of mutually interlocked electric sliding or swing doors. A 30m2 staff lock provides enough space for the changing rooms of the staff.

The changing room is actively flushed with pure air and ensures a change of the zone and safe processes in a confined space. Material pass-troughs ensure the safe input and output of the sensitive components.

Modular design and energy efficiency

The CleanCell 4.0 cleanroom system is equipped with ULPA-class U15 high-performance filters. Directed air flows remove the smallest airborne particles from the work environment.

An air recirculating and air return system within the cleanroom walls ensures a precise cleanroom flushing and provides high energy efficiency; the already filtered and cooled air is again fed into the circulation of the air exchange.

The cleanroom-adapted LED lighting also helps to reduce operating costs.

The CR Control control system, which is accessible via a central touchscreen, ensures safe control and monitoring of the cleanroom.

All important functions of the cleanroom, including the air conditioning technology, are monitored and recorded and can be individually controlled and regulated. Remote maintenance is also possible.

The cleanroom system is modular and connected with a silicone-free sealing clip system. This guarantees an extremely high air tightness of the cleanrooms, as well as low particle emissions and it offers the advantage of flexible expansion possibilities.

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