NGS Cleanroom Solutions finishes Grade D probiotic cleanroom in England

Published: 5-Dec-2019

The UK-based contractor designed and installed a cleanroom using an FM approved Puracore Cleanroom System

NGS Cleanroom Solutions has finished construction of a GMP Grade D (ISO Class 8 equivalent) cleanroom for Probiotics International in England. The contractor provides a full range of cleanroom solutions, from concept to completion.

When is came to the need for a GMP Grade D Cleanroom, Probiotics International turned to Cleanroom-Solutions to design and install a cleanroom using an FM approved Puracore Cleanroom System.

The 1250 sqm cleanroom in Somerset is made up of 28 internal processing rooms. Each processing room is fitted with rapid speed gates to facilitate easy entry and exit while maintaining the air environment in the room.

In addition to the cleanroom construction, an important requirement for this cleanroom is the air management. The powder blending and tabletting operations require a relative humidity level of 10% RH with tolerances of +/-2% RH.

Furthermore, an integrated cold store and a total of 300 kW of system cooling capacity was included in the cleanroom construction.

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