Nortek Air Solutions CleanSpace Launches Flex-Trak Stick-Built Ceiling Grid for Cleanrooms

Published: 1-Dec-2023

With Stick-Built Grids, Nortek Air Solutions becomes only manufacturer to offer complete air solutions for cleanroom ceiling systems

On a mission to make the world safer, healthier, and more productive, Nortek Air Solutions CleanSpace today unveiled its new stick-built ceiling grid solution for cleanroom, adding to its portfolio of ceiling grid technologies. With the launch of this product, Nortek Air Solutions CleanSpace has become the only cleanroom ceiling grid manufacturer to offer a complete suite of grid solutions and options, reaffirming its commitment to delivering unmatched performance and efficiency to cleanroom customers.

“We are proud to launch the Flex-Trak stick-built ceiling grid, giving customers the most flexibility when designing and building cleanrooms,” said Nils Gustavsson, vice president and general manager at Nortek Air Solutions CleanSpace. “By adding the Flex-Trak solution, we now have a full offering of ceiling system options, from modular pre-built at factory to onsite assembly grids. This product development was driven by our customers and feedback from the field, addressing specific challenges faced by other stick-built products, as well as the ability to work with one vendor who can offer any grid solution. As a result, some key areas of focus became more efficient assembly methods and labor savings all within a robust structural design.”

The cleanroom industry has long lacked an all-encompassing design partner that addresses both stick-built and modular requirements, while maintaining the highest standards in compliance, cleanliness, and air quality. With its latest innovation, the stick-built walkable ceiling grid system, the company aims to provide cleanroom customers with unparalleled solutions for superior cleanroom construction and air management. Nortek Air Solutions’ full line of solutions also gives cleanroom customers a hybrid assembly model. “Whether our customers want to build the entire grid on site, have it delivered semi- built, or delivered as an offsite manufactured build, we have the right solution for each project,” said Gustavsson. “Many areas of the U.S. suffer from labor shortage especially in construction. Our option will allow the architect and general contractor to address any such challenges while delivering a world-class grid solution.”

The Flex-Trak stick-built solution requires less hangers to install compared to competitor products, providing a quicker, less labor intensive installation. Nortek Air Solutions CleanSpace engineered the hangers with wider spacing, allowing servicers to move around easier for any needed maintenance.

As the only manufacturer to offer a comprehensive and innovative cleanroom air solution, Nortek Air Solutions CleanSpace reinforces its commitment to empowering cleanrooms across various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, electronics, and more.

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