Panel Built adds "white rooms" to its cleanroom range

Published: 17-Jun-2024

The modular building expert has added a less stringent controlled environment offering to its range of cleanroom environment solutions

Panel Built, a modular building manufacturer, has added "white rooms" to its range of cleanroom solutions.

This new offering aims to provide an economical yet efficient alternative for businesses requiring controlled environments for delicate operations.

A white room is a versatile solution that shares the same purpose as a cleanroom in preventing contamination, but white rooms do not require the stringent certifications that cleanrooms do. This key difference makes white rooms a cost-effective choice for industries where high-level sanitation is not mandatory but a controlled environment is still crucial, offering a tailored solution to specific business needs. 

Key features of the "white room"

Positive internal pressure:  White rooms are designed with a positive pressure system to maintain cleanliness. This system ensures that when doors are opened, clean air flows out, preventing external particles from entering the room. 

HVAC filtration: White rooms utilise ULPA and HEPA filters in their HVAC systems, which can remove up to 99.9% of airborne particles. This system is crucial for maintaining the desired level of air purity. 

Wall facings: Using vinyl-covered gypsum and non-porous FRP wall facings helps prevent particle accumulation, making the walls easy to clean and maintain. 

Sticky mats: These mats help keep dirt, grime, and dust from entering the white room.

In addition to these features, Panel Built's modular construction approach allows for the easy expansion of white rooms, ensuring they can grow alongside a company's operational needs.


Image: Picture shows a white room

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