PBSC and MJS Projects provide cleanroom solutions for Quadram Institute

Published: 9-Feb-2024

PBSC in association with MJS Projects, has provided safe and proven cleanroom solutions to the Quadram Institute

PBSC, a UK-based cleanroom manufacturer, in association with MJS Projects, a UK-based building contractor, has provided cleanroom solutions to the Quadram Institute.

The Quadram Institute is a research centre that is creating new interfaces between food science, gut biology, human health, and disease.

The Insitute brings together several organisations including the Quadram Institute Bioscience (previously known as the Institute of Food Research), the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals’ endoscopy centre, and parts of the University of East Anglia’s Norwich Medical School and the Faculty of Science. 

The UK-based research centre is located in the Norwich Research Park.

PBSC provided cleanroom solutions that contributed to Quadram’s ongoing research programme.

Solutions/ results 

The Quadram Institute is dedicated to establishing new connections between the fields of food science, gut biology, and human health and disease.

Researching how food and gut microbes promote human health on a mechanistic level.

PBSC supplied various cleanroom products to assist the research facility in meeting its research objectives, reducing the burden on healthcare systems, and developing innovative strategies and treatments to enhance health and prevent diseases.

Products supplied:

One single glazed vision panel

Three double glazed vision panels 

PBSC double glazed vision panel

PBSC double glazed vision panel

One break out panel 

PBSC break out panel

PBSC break out panel

Three wall-mounted transfer hatches 

wall-mounted transfer hatches

wall-mounted transfer hatches

Three phenolic resin single-door sets

PBSC phenolic resin single-door sets

PBSC phenolic resin single-door sets

PBSC’s cleanroom door sets, transfer hatches, pass-throughs, and vision panels within the architectural range are designed specifically for use in cleanroom applications, with minimal visible fixings, flush designs, and excellent scratch/wear resistance.

Amanda Tebble, Architectural Sales for PBSC and Ross Lyttle, Business Development Manager for PBSC, said in a joint statement: “The PBSC team were delighted to be invited to contribute to Quadram’s research facility with our cleanroom products and wish them every success addressing research challenges”.

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