Pioneering air pressure stabiliser developed for super hospital

Published: 14-Jul-2021

Apreco engineered a pioneering smoke/fire-rated air pressure stabiliser for operating theatres at The Grange University Hospital.

The healthcare project required a stabiliser that met the smoke/fire protection requirements of the operating theatres. With over 20 years working in the Healthcare sector, Apreco often come across unique engineering challenges. Working on the £350m NHS super hospital in Gwent, the issue of fire and smoke protection arose.

Apreco found that existing products on the market did not meet the most relevant smoke/fire protection standards for the application. As such, current solutions would not be deemed fit for purpose by local Fire Officers. These also tended bulky and cumbersome, often installed by methods that do not lend themselves well to sterile areas. With space a premium in hospitals, a slimline solution was desirable.


The APSX-FSS is a first to market leader

Apreco worked closely with Laing O’Rourke and BPD to develop the best possible solution for this hospital and future builds. A fire/smoke rated product that simplified installation and maximised space.

The APSX-FSS is a pioneering product that provides a fire/smoke rated certification

The APSX-FSS is a pioneering product that provides a fire/smoke rated certification

Tests utilising the latest fire integrity and smoke leak standards were carried out with WarringtonFire, measuring product performance as if in real-world scenarios.

The new product, the APSX-FSS Air Pressure Stabiliser is now accepted by Fire Officers, Architects, and Installers as the number one choice on the market.

The installation method of the APSX-FSS is also quicker than most, as it does not require the need for drop-rods. The reduction in labour time gives a saving to the client while maintaining the walls fire integrity.

Air pressure stabilisers are required in the design and build of operating theatres as noted in the HTM 03-01. They work in tandem with cascade ventilation systems to protects patients and staff from airborne contamination. The stabilisers used for this project has a pressure control range of 3 – 50 Pa with a setting of +/- Pa over the operating range. Coupled with the crucial benefit of smoke/fire protection makes this product a first to market leader.

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