Laboratory-Grade Autoclaves — Priorclave manufactures leading-class autoclaves and sterilizers, and distributes internationally

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From its dedicated UK autoclave design and manufacturing centre Priorclave has gained a global presence supplying steam sterilizers to virtually every country in the world. And to many diverse sectors including:

  • Universities and Educational establishments
  • Research laboratories
  • Dairy, Food and Beverage
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Micro-biology
  • Water and Waste

The in-house design team has brought leading-edge design and practical autoclaving solutions. Low loading heights, compact designs, modular construction for easy upgrading, thermal safety locks and anti-microbial coatings as standard, media warming, vacuum assisted cooling, fully featured programmable controllers on all models and sizes – many autoclave design and production innovations introduced by Priorclave and many of which are now common features industry-wide.

Insight into the Priorclave brand

Investing in a Priorclave research grade laboratory autoclave could be a unique experience, delivering the very best choice – steam sterilisers built to meet customers specific requirements in terms of sterilising performance, machines that physically fit the available spaces, assurances of guaranteed reliability, a build programme with the toughest QA procedures, on-site installation as well as expert help and support right from that initial enquiry, throughout the whole buying process and beyond.

The Priorclave brand of laboratory autoclaves is all about delivery and this truly comes across in this short video:

Priorclave have created one of the largest ranges of standard steam sterilisers–from compact bench-top front-loaders to free-standing top-loading and high capacity front-loading autoclaves, as well as custom power door and pass-through double ended machines, with chamber sizes from 40 to 700 litres. Every single unit is ETL-listed and EMC-certified, entirely manufactured in our UKAS-accredited facility, with CE-Marked, PED-certified pressure vessels. Units bound for the North American market feature ASME-stamped pressure vessels.

Priorclave provides the Support you need to get your work done

This global product brand is recognised world-wide for delivering

  • superior sterilising performance

  • proven energy efficiency

  • established reliability

  • dedicated customer service

Need to see how an autoclave is how Research Grade Laboratory Autoclaves are manufactured. The video takes a behind the scenes look at the production process at Priorclave’s UK manufacturing centre. Their entire range, all made in Britain, includes both cylindrical and rectangular chamber designs.

Priorclave is also the only manufacturer offering Biomaster Protected® Antimicrobial Surfaces. While the inner chamber of your autoclave is rendered sterile with every cycle, warm exterior panels and other outer surfaces can harbour pathogenic colonies. Biomaster’s revolutionary antimicrobial coating incorporates an active agent, and is effective against bacteria, mould, and mildew, preventing cross-contamination. No other sterilizer manufacturer offers this level of safety, both inside and out.

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