Puracore flush cleanroom system retains coveted FM Approval

Published: 17-Aug-2017

Puracore has announced that once again the Puracore aluminum honeycomb cored panel has retained the highest FM Approval standard in its class

“This approval holds us in the forefront of cleanroom panel manufacturers, as worldwide only one other cleanroom company holds this certificate,” said the company.

As such, the Puracore cleanroom panel system can be specified and installed with confidence, safe in the knowledge that it complies with the highest industry standards, and it can be used for projects across the globe where an FM-approved product is required or desired by the customer.

The company undergoes FM follow-up audits every 6 months to ensure that its products have maintained the highest quality and safety standards protecting customers.

For more information call +44(0)117 316 7025 or email sales@puracore.com.

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