QUESTION: Why should I trust FG Clean Wipes?

Published: 21-Oct-2021

ANSWER: Because of our nearly 50 years of success in the cleanroom market. FG Clean Wipes may be a relatively new name in the critical cleaning market, but our company actually goes back to 1906

Back then, the John R. Lyman company was founded as a producer of a variety of cloth goods for specialised wiping—supporting the “smoke stack” industrial revolution in America. We were one of the leaders of the textile industry in Massachusetts, which was a dominant force in the US at the time.

Toward the early 1970s, electronics, medical applications, pharmaceuticals, and a host of new manufacturing technologies became too complex for traditional cloth wipes and needed dedicated wiping solutions for their specific environments.

So in 1973, Lymtech Scientific was founded to create and produce advanced solutions for critical cleaning. We have been at the forefront of specialised wiping research, design and manufacturing ever since.

Our company has changed names a few times, but our dedication to quality and world-class service to our customers have not.

Now, we are part of Filtration Group, a world-wide organisation with deep ties to life sciences, pharmaceutical, and medical manufacturing. This adds the strength, distribution and sourcing of a multi-billion dollar company to our decades of experience and success in critical cleaning control.

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