Samsung to invest US$4bn in Austin, Texas

Published: 22-Aug-2012

To upgrade existing fab to meet demand for logic products

Chip maker Samsung Electronics plans to invest around US$4bn at its Austin Semiconductor plant in Texas, US to meet growing demand for logic products. The funds will be used to renovate its existing fabrication operations to accommodate full System LSI (large-scale integrated circuit) production.

The remodelled fabrication line will mainly produce state-of-the-art mobile SoCs on 300mm wafers at the 28nm process node.

Starting work this month (August), the project is scheduled to start mass production in the second half of 2013.

Woosung Han, president of Samsung Austin Semiconductor, said: “We are extremely pleased to extend our presence in Austin and reinforce Samsung's capacity for highly advanced logic products. The added ability in production will allow our customers to respond better to market needs.”

Samsung's latest investment is said to be the largest single foreign investment ever made in the state of Texas. The company's total investment in Samsung Austin Semiconductor since 1996 will exceed $13bn.

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