Stancold announces carbon neutral status

Published: 31-Aug-2022

The construction company with a cleanroom specialist team has been assisted by carbon consultants Future Leap to identify the most carbon-intensive activities and areas required for improvement

Bristol construction company Stancold have announced its new-found carbon neutral status. The company, who launched its cleanroom specialist department 'CREST' in February 2021, has been working hard to improve its environmental impact.

With the assistance of carbon consultants Future Leap and through the in-depth analysis of the business' operations during 2021, Stancold has compiled data from the inside-out to identify the most carbon-intensive activities and areas required for improvement.

Discussing this milestone and its importance, Managing Director, Andy Croxton, has said: "Having worked with Future Leap to develop our reduction plan, we will, in future years, not only reduce Stancold's carbon usage even further but will be looking to push our suppliers to follow our example, so that we can drive carbon out of our supply chain."

Croxton continued: "Not only will this benefit the environment, but it will also allow us to help our customers' aspirations to deliver projects in a more sustainable and less carbon-intensive way. It really is a win-win."

Being a leading multidisciplinary sub-contractor in the industry, Stancold has been prioritising its efforts over the last six months to look at this in more detail and focus on the actions that can be taken to acknowledge such a fundamental matter as climate change."

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