STATIM LAB becomes accredited for calibration of microbiological air samplers

Published: 12-Sep-2023

Orum International's STATIM LAB has become the first laboratory in Italy to officially be accredited for the calibration of its microbiological air samplers

STATIM LAB is an Italian metrological laboratory, division of the Orum International, the company that produces the TRIO.BAS microbiological air samplers.

The laboratory has been ISO/EIC 17025:2017 accredited by the American company Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, (PJLA).

STATIM LAB is the first laboratory in Italy officially accredited for the calibration of microbiological air samplers as required by the regulatory authorities. 

It is able to calibrate instruments with flow rates of 100/180/200 litres/minute.

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The experience gained in the design, production, calibration and assistance of microbiological air samplers has made it possible to develop and implement a new and extremely precise “TRIO FLOW METER” (patent pending) calibration system capable of directly measuring the air flow rate of the instruments with a very low measurement uncertainty.

The ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited calibration is the perfect option if the microbiological air sampler is used in regulated industries (pharma, medical devices, stem cell, etc) where quality standards require a calibration compliant with regulations.

In addition to the microbiological air samplers of the complete TRIO.BAS line, STATIM LAB laboratory is able to perform professionally accredited calibrations of any other type of sampler of different brands currently present on the international markets.

STATIM LAB guarantees calibration times of 2/3 days.

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