Teknomek takes steps to clean up the ultra-hygienic sector

Published: 23-Nov-2022

Hygienic furniture specialist adds industrial vacuum cleaners to its range

Hygienic furniture specialist Teknomek has added a capsule collection of specialist industrial vacuum cleaners to its cleanroom product catalogue.

In partnership with industry leaders, Delfin, Teknomek is now offering its customers easy access to two industrial vacuum cleaners which are specifically designed for cleanroom environments up to ISO4.

The first model is designed for dry cleaning and the second for both wet and dry cleaning, ideal for removing liquids and sanitizing cleanrooms. Both models feature four levels of HEPA or ULPA filtration to ensure the air released from the vacuum cleaner is pure.

The inside components of the vacuum cleaner are manufactured from 304 stainless steel, with the outside manufactured from 316 grade stainless. A complete lack of dirt traps, smooth finish and stainless steel construction makes thorough cleaning and maintenance of the vacuum unit quick and easy. The vacuum cleaners and their accessories (motor head excluded) are autoclavable for complete and safe sanitising.

In line with Teknomek’s commitment to quality, and complementing its ultra-hygienic Hygienox range of products, the two Delfin vacuum cleaners available for cleanrooms are of heavy-duty steel construction to ensure they provide lifetime value.  Both models are compact and mobile with a low noise level and have a capacity of 5 litres.

Michelle Locke is product and marketing manager at Teknomek: “Vacuum cleaners are a natural addition to Teknomek’s existing hygienic solutions.  Having the right equipment and machinery in place reduces cleaning and maintenance time, improves operating efficiency, and ultimately boosts profitability,” Michelle explains. “We selected Delfin as our brand partners because of their expertise, experience and innovative approach and because they offer a wide range of vacuum solutions that meet the very specific needs of our customer base.”

For more information on these products:

Wet & Dry: https://www.teknomek.co.uk/delfin-industrial-wet-dry-vacuum-cleaner.html

Dry: https://www.teknomek.co.uk/delfin-industrial-dry-vacuum-cleaner.html

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