The space exploration dream seems closer than ever ... and CENTILLION is part of it

Published: 4-Nov-2022

With satellites becoming more and more affordable, with space exploration programs booming, the need for manufacturing in a controlled environment is apparent

CubeSats incorporating high technology, customisable designs all in standardised small size and weight set the ground for the rise of miniaturisation for space optics and electronics alike. A single CubeSat compatible module can contain so many functionalities and technology to make it really challenging for manufacturing. To overcome these challenges a high level of knowledge, education, and expertise in the manufacturing of miniaturised assemblies and designs is key.

For over 20 years of experience, CENTILLION has worked hard to build these features. They are specialised in miniature assemblies in a clean room environment as well as trained on the applicable IPC joint industry standards including their Space Addendums. Our state-of-the-art clean room technology is ready to answer the demand for a controlled environment. Spreading on over 270 square meters, the environmentally controlled area is ready and available to answer your high-quality requirements and expectations.

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