US Germfree works with Irish Ardmac to bring modular solution to Europe

Published: 20-Aug-2019

Partnership surrounds the Germfree bioGO Mobile and Modular Cleanroom Buildings

Ardmac and Germfree have partnered to bring Germfree bioGO Mobile and Modular Cleanroom Buildings to the European markets. Germfree is based in Florida, US, and will be working with the Irish firm to expand the solution to a new continent.

Germfree provides a fully adaptable cleanroom solution that supports manufacturing for pre-clinical or clinical stage materials in a single or multiple-module cleanroom building. Once scale-up or scale-out needs are identified, additional modules can be added seamlessly. As well, a mobile solution can be used and then upgraded into a modular platform to provide the fastest implementation of pre-clinical and early phase discovery.

The Germfree bioGO cleanroom solution aims to adapt to business needs by optimising time to market and return on investment.

Following agreement at Germfree’s facility in Ormond Beach, Ronan Quinn, CEO of the Ardmac Group, said: “I am delighted to conclude two years of discussions with Germfree and add this highly engineered solution to complement our already significant modular offering. There is a high demand from both our existing customers in the Biologics market and those in the advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) for modular offsite built process ready facilities.”

Kevin Kyle, President of Germfree, said: “This partnership brings together two companies strong in innovation and client-focused solutions. The combination of our bioGO Mobile Cleanroom Trailers and Modular Cleanroom Buildings provides a unique solution for Biotech applications that will help solve the shortage of usable manufacturing space.”

Ardmac is an international construction company that delivers high-value workspaces and technical environments. Germfree is a global company working to create environments that serve life science innovation and advance global health.

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