Veolia Water Technologies UK merges divisions to support industry in managing water challenges

Published: 19-Dec-2016

Veolia Water Technologies’ (Veolia) process water and waste water divisions have merged into a single organisation to better help organisations “rethink water”

Veolia, the customer’s choice for water treatment solutions, is encouraging organisations in the industrial, healthcare and scientific sectors to “rethink water”; by optimising water-cycles to manage ever increasing sustainability, regulatory and financial pressures. This is a core vision of Veolia’s ongoing drive to help develop a circular economy.

Veolia’s transformational strategy enables customers to more easily benefit from technical, servicing and security expertise, by providing simplified local, reliable and secure service delivery, process expertise and project execution.

Rethinking water opens up a wide range of opportunities for organisations to maximise the value extracted from water and waste water streams. For example, a typical industrial manufacturing site could reduce process water costs by installing a high recovery membrane system - reducing water wastage and recycling the resource back for process use.

Alternatively, valuable products can be concentrated and recovered. Higher strength waste could be treated with an anaerobic reactor, producing gas and converting waste products for export or to generate electricity. Additional useful treatments to a waste stream could consist of using the AnitaMox process to remove ammonia, or a Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) system to remove phosphate as sludge. The sludge could be blended with other waste products and sold as a fertiliser.

The company is able to offer a wide range of patented technologies complemented by services expertise. The company operates across industries including; Food and Beverage, Chemical Processing, Automotive and Pharmaceutical, optimising water and energy use to meet ever increasing environmental, regulatory and financial demands.

It provides an unparalleled range of technologies and services to aid in this efficient use and reuse of water, water recovery and energy generation. The reorganisation of its process water and waste water divisions supports its leadership position at the cutting-edge of water sustainability.

“With our new, unified Veolia Water Technologies UK business, our ambition is to make it easy for our customers to deal with one company that can provide industry with the opportunity and capability to significantly reduce operating costs and environmental impact - a single source for all their compliant water needs”, said Veolia’s COO Mark Dyson. “This will be a major benefit to our customers in terms of efficiency, excellence, consistency and continuity.”

As an aid to “rethinking water”, Veolia has produced a white paper entitled “Ensuring stability and resilience in sustainable water technologies”, which clearly explains how to optimise water and energy use.

For more information about Veolia, how to “rethink water” or to download the white paper, visit the Veolia Water Technologies UK website.

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