Vetter groundbreaking ceremony heralds a new €70m production building

Published: 23-Mar-2016

New construction represents an important component of a previously announced investment strategy

German contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) Vetter held a ground-breaking ceremony at its Ravensburg Schuetzenstrasse site to announce the construction of a new building.

Scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2018, the €70m (US$79m) building is expected to begin operations in early 2019.

The construction is part of an investment strategy announced by the company in September 2015, and will constitute an important element in the rebuilding, modernisation and expansion of the Schuetzenstrasse facility.

Upon completion, the seven-storey building will cover 8,000m2, and include a cleanroom with supportive media systems.

The applied technology of the cleanroom will be dedicated to the filling of bulk syringes and will be able to handle sensitive drugs such as biologics and ophthalmics. Syringes prepared in the bulk process offer a number of customisation options that are tailored to substance and primary packaging material components, and offer customisable low silicone levels and thus, process flexibility.

The cleanroom will also include an improved restricted access barrier system (RABS) concept to combine the advantages of isolator and RABS technology. The core of the approach is the uniquely fast, by today's standards, three-hour cycle and fully automated decontamination of the cleanroom using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), resulting from a high level of process innovation.

'This addition to our Schuetzenstrasse site is an exciting chapter in our company’s history and will again support Vetter’s target to offer its customers high manufacturing quality for their high value drugs,' said Vetter Managing Director Thomas Otto.

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