Viessmann Technologies installs nanosatellite manufacturing cleanroom for EnduroSat

Published: 8-Nov-2023

The Bulgarian project has consisted of an in house cleanroom for EnduroSat to avoid any contamination of the lenses and other components by dust grains

Viessmann Technologies (Vitec) has provided some insights into a new cleanroom project with a nanosatellite manufacturer based in Sofia (Bulgaria).

The project was for the 100-person-strong EnduroSat, which was founded in 2015.

"On their way into space alone, countless forces act on rockets and nanosatellites. This fact makes it even more important to ensure the quality of the nanosatellites for data acquisition and to avoid any contamination of the lenses and other components by dust grains. Manufacturing the nanosatellites in a cleanroom creates the best conditions for this. Today our clean rooms help to improve processes and quality of the manufactured nanosatellites at EnduroSat," the company stated.

Vitec recalled that to improve the processes and quality of the nanosatellites, EnduroSat decided to install a cleanroom in its own office building. "This also enables internal testing capabilities that previously had to be outsourced," Vitec added.

Vitec acted as a complete supplier for this project, from the walls, including matching glazing, ceiling, and floor to a personnel airlock with airlock control. Vitec also supplied the complete ventilation system, including the central unit, chiller, controls, as well as the FFUs to increase cleanliness in the work area above each workstation.

Technical details:

  • approx. 200 sqm cleanroom
  • 1personnel airlock with airlock control
  • Cleanroom ISO Class 7
  • ISO Class 5 in the area of the workstations by FFUs
  • Clean room walls including glazing
  • Clean room ceiling
  • Clean room floor
  • Ventilation system: air handling unit, air distribution system, H14 outlets, FFUs, refrigeration and EMSR technology

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