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Weiss Technik is a global company that specialises in products supporting R&D across a wide range of industries, encompassing all Clean Air solutions. Contact: 01509 631595 or email enquiries.gb@weiss-technik.com

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We are the market leader for Environmental Simulations of all types: heat, growth, vibration, shock, vacuum, stability and specialise in the Clean Air solutions supporting these market such as:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Engineering
  • Life Sciences
  • Plant Sciences
  • Automotive
  • Defence
  • Electronics / Semi’s
  • Aerospace / Space
  • Plus many more!

We have supported many clients, on many project, from the initial design concept and planning, through to the installation of the turnkey cleanroom solutions; right up to maintenance and service.

Weiss Technik is the operating face of the amalgamation of Karl Weiss GmbH (1956) integrated with Weiss Umwelttechnik GmbH and Weiss Klimatechnik GmbH and then subsequently being purchased in 1978 by the Schunk Group. The resultant Weiss Technik (Schunk owned) specialises via two business units, Environmental Simulation and Air Solutions.

The Schunk Group was formed back in 1913 and today is now a globally operating company with over 9,000 employees in 26 countries. Within the brands Schunk, Weiss Technik and Optotech we are the leading suppliers of tailor-made, high-tech products utilising carbon technology, technical ceramics and sintered metal, as well as environmental simulation and air conditioning technology.

Environmental Simulation

Weiss Environmental Simulation develops and produces test equipment and systems for temperature simulation, climate testing, weathering, vacuum, temperature shock, corrosion and long-term testing for all areas; sizes and systems; with major area systems and process integrated systems for environmental simulation and biology.

Weiss Technik – for a Safe Future

Weiss Air solutions

Weiss Air Solutions further compliments the Environmental Simulation business by offering its clients a completely independent, yet fully integrated, specialist Clean Air, Cleanroom and Containment projects Design and Management solution providing service.

In addition, Air Solutions includes development and manufacture of cleanroom technology for multiple user markets, air management of data centres and data hubs together with medical solutions for operating theatres and specialist medical room environments.

Within markets such as Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Aerospace and many others, having a specialist Design and Project management delivery organisation such as Weiss Air Solutions, with its depth of experience and direct knowledge/history of many given solution, processes, applications ensures an efficient, effective and quality solution. Offer a complete project service to clients is seen as a tremendous solution advantage and cuts down on communication interfaces and allows our experience to shine through in the solutions offered

Cleanrooms from Weiss Technik: Everything from one single source - from design to service

Examples of Integrated solution provision

Weiss Technik Integrated Cleanrooms/Pharmaceuticals/Biotech .

Whether in the production of cytostatic, the filling of eye drops or Biotech based Growing rooms, our top priority is the protection of patients and employees. This requires controllable classified conditions. Weiss Technik has been a partner of pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, pharmacies and laboratories for many decades.

  • Wall, ceiling and floor systems
  • Climate and refrigeration technology
  • Filter Fan Units (FFUs)
  • Monitoring systems
  • Personnel and material locks
  • Workbenches and laminar flow units
  • Safety workbenches
  • Isolators
  • Clean room furniture

Fully integrated from a single, responsible source.

Weiss Technik Integrated Cleanrooms/Industrial producers/laboratories of advanced technology.

Advanced Technologies, Classified facilities, Specialist requirements, Semiconductors, Dry humidity, all require control and classification for today’s requirement.

Clean Rooms, Measuring Rooms, Semi-Clean Rooms, Dry Rooms

Your matching Vindur Turnkey Components:

  • Wall, ceiling and floor systems
  • Climate and refrigeration technology
  • Temperature, pressure, climate control cambers
  • Filter Fan Units (FFUs)
  • Monitoring systems
  • Personnel and material airlocks
  • Workbenches and laminar flow units
  • Crane systems
  • Handling systems

Weiss Technik Integrated Medical / Healthcare.

Were the medical solution requires to be an integrated working seamlessly for the benefit of the patient, client and the medical personnel. Weiss Technik offer to our clients the full lifetime solution.

  • Ultraclean canopy
  • Combination laminar flow canopy
  • Hygiene climate units
  • Sterile cabins
  • Complete surgical/operation lighting and support utilities
  • Safety workbenches, personnel and material airlocks
  • Hot-air sterilisers
  • Clean air monitoring systems
  • Surgical smoke extraction

All within an integrated project facility for a completely validated solution for concept to handover.

There are few organisations that can boast being able to offer such a service to its partners.

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