What are enzymatic indicators?

Published: 22-Mar-2018

Register to watch a video presentation from Phill Godden, CEO of Protak Scientific who presented at the ISPE

Enzyme indicators (EIs) have been proven as a revolutionary viable alternative to biological indicators (BIs) for hydrogen peroxide decontamination validation.

Phill Godden, CEO of Protak Scientific, presented at the ISPE “Rapid Decontamination & Validation Methods” event, on enzymatic indicators and their application for rapid decontamination validation across the Pharma and Healthcare industries.

This exclusive 45 minute video presentation covers:

  • What are Enzymatic Indicators?
  • How do they work?
  • Why are they groundbreaking and changing the industry as we know it?
  • How can they be applied to Healthcare and Pharmaceutical processes?
  • How can they be used alongside current Biological Indicator processes?

Watch the 45 minute video presentation exclusively on Protak Scientific's website and see the benefits of Enzymatic indicators.

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