Wiskind Jiangsu manufacturing base receives investment

Published: 11-Mar-2021

A total investment of 1 billion yuan breaks ground for the manufacturing plant located in Zhenjiang

A new 60,000 sqm production workshop will be built, along with eight million sqm of fully automatic, green and high-performance cleanroom enclosure system products.

The New District Government encourages Wiskind group to complete the construction project, carefully planning each step to achieve safer, standardised and efficient operations.

The new factory will be a global benchmark enterprise for intelligent manufacturing of high-performance enclosure systems.

To date only basic construction of electricity, pre-embedding, drainage and water supply has been carried out. The construction of some steel beams and columns in the workshop has also been completed to ensure the foundation of the factory roof and office building areas.

Wiskind aims to install and debug the equipment by mid-April so that it may start to achieve the results in June.

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