3M filtration system cuts costs and saves space

Published: 15-Apr-2011

Filter media is specially embossed to produce a more uniform pleat pattern

3M is re-launching its high flow filtration system for applications in industrial, chemical/petrochemical, food and beverage water quality control, reverse osmosis (RO) pre-filtration, and process water in electronics and pharmaceuticals.

A patent pending compound radial pleat design is at the heart of the 3M High Flow Filtration System, permitting flow rates of up to 113m3/hr (500gpm) in a single cartridge. The result is 90% fewer filter elements to accommodate flow requirements compared with traditional 2.5in pleated cartridges. This reduced filter usage minimises labour and disposal costs, product leakage, operator exposure and downtime for filter change-out, the company says. Fewer elements combined with an ‘outside-to-in’ flow path means the cartridge housing takes up 33–50% less plant space than competitively sized housings for a given flow rate, and at a lower cost.

The system’s filter media is specially embossed to produce a more uniform pleat pattern, giving greater media utilisation by evenly distributing fluid throughout the filter structure. Additionally, each grade of the filtration system is made from melt-blown US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliant polypropylene microfibre, which provides high particle removal efficiency and broad chemical compatibility.

3M says the high flow filtration system is easy to use and maintain. An ergonomic handle simplifies filter change-out, without needing special tools or hardware, and a simple ‘twist to lock’ cartridge seating mechanism ensures a positive seal.

Housings are available in sizes to accommodate one to seven filter elements in 40in and 60in lengths or larger on request, in horizontal or vertical configurations.

John Smith’s brewery in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, UK has installed a 40in 3M system as a technologically advanced ‘roughing filter’ for pre-RO water filter duty. Benefits include reduced cartridge inventory and increased production capacity by allowing up to 60% higher water flow at a maximum level of efficiency.

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