Winners of the Cleanroom Technology 2018 Awards announced

Industry awards have been presented at this year's international conference in Birmingham

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New strategic alliance taps into controlled environment market

Nine companies have joined forces to launch Professional Partners for Controlled Environment to create a platform for ...

Ecolab expands Greensboro site

New cleanroom manufacturing facility to support the company’s Life Sciences solution portfolio in North America

Ecolab reports strong first quarter sales

Latest financial report shows sales increased 10% to US$3.47 billion in the first quarter of 2018

Autoclave costs running away

The chamber design rather than the size is key to achieve a cost-effective sterilisation by steam. Lee Oakley, sales ...

Ecolab launches cleanroom portfolio in North America

Life Sciences cleanroom programme has been developed specifically for pharmaceutical manufacturing

Gearing up for Cleanroom Technology Conference 2018

Attendance to the Cleanroom Technology Conference 2018 (16-17 May, Birmingham) is up 35% compared to the inaugural ...

VHP as sterilant for use in isolators?

Andrew Hopkins, senior GMP inspector, MHRA, explains the guidance around the use of vaporised hydrogen peroxide for ...

Work begins to decontaminate sites in Salisbury spy poison attack

Decontamination of nine sites identified as potentially affected by the Soviet-era nerve agent Novichok in southern ...

Dragonfly-inspired nano coating kills bacteria upon contact

A research group in Singapore has developed a nano coating that can kill bacteria on surfaces and water

Microbial life into space

“Without planning to do so, we have launched microbial life from this planet,” Dr William B. Miller comments

Lifecycle approach to cleaning and disinfection rotation

Regulatory requirements and guidance on disinfectant rotation varies from region to region. Walid El Azab, technical ...

A dose of radiation

Dr Dirk Fischer, director of application development at Beta-Gamma-Service, explains the benefits of sterilisation by ...

Reprocessed duodenoscopes: the elephant in the room

Berkshire Corporation discusses how reprocessed duodenoscopes represent a challenge in biomedical contamination control

Tekni-Plex acquires Dunn Industries

The purchase by the global company focused on developing and manufacturing packaging materials, medical compounds and ...