ACHEMA: Marchesini offers sterile production lines

Published: 25-May-2015

Plus new blister line and innovations for the counting sector

Marchesini Group of Italy will feature the monobloc Synchro 24 for filling and counting solids and preview new units such as the robotised Integra 520V blister line and the ML 643 vial filler. Altogether, there will be three complete lines and five stand-alone machines representing the state of the art in each specific sector of the pharmaceutical packaging industry, from serialisation to aseptic packaging.

The company's sterile production line will consist of the Stery Capsy aseptic filler and stoppering machine for injectable pharmaceuticals. Its key benefits include: accessibility to all critical zones, pre-arrangement to fit cRABS or isolator containment systems, plus simplified management of spare parts and maintenance. Its balcony design means the area in which the product is exposed can be kept separate from the mechanical components.

This guarantees a completely sterile process, in addition to cutting washing, drying and decontamination times by 50% compared with conventional machines, the company says.

The ML 643 linear vial filler/capper-plugger with intermittent motion produces 100 pieces a minute and can batch from 100 to 200ml. It can seal the containers with screw-on caps or plugs and even with crimped caps. Its linear structure makes the ML 643 ergonomic, while offering a clear view of each phase of the packaging cycle, from filling to the capping/crimping of the container. The machine can be set-up under a laminar flow for pharmaceutical applications.

The RE 302 labeller will also be on show, set up for small eye drop containers. The top feature of this machine is the possibility to check the code 100% because the containers are transported along motorised rotary plates. A photocell detects the position of the code around the container and can send an input to the machine to turn the plate so that it is positioned exactly in front of the camera. If the code is correct, the input is sent to apply the label with the code positioned as required; if the code is wrong, the label is not applied and the container is rejected.

The sterile sector is completed by a new variant of the FSP 05 syringe filler. This machine exploits tub opening and syringe filling/stoppering processes integrated in just one monobloc unit. Thanks to its compact footprint and to the individual management systems, it offers economic and technical advantages compared with conventional solutions. The monobloc can produce 12.000pcs/h and consists of a robotised area where the tubs are opened and an area where the syringes are filled and stoppered; both areas are protected by an isolator that works with laminar flows and guarantees a totally sterile process.

Marchesini says an eye-catching unit on the stand is the Integra 520V, the big sister of the Integra 320 integrated robotised blister line shown at Interpack in 2014. In addition to the innovations already presented in the previous version – including a machine pitch control system with cameras, an innovative carton opening and blister insertion system – the machine includes an ingenious pusher unit, a drum-type carton opener to manage very high speeds and a new system for picking up and inserting the instruction leaflet. The result is a line that can package 500 blisters a minute.

The Synchro 24 is one of Marchesini's latest innovations in the counting sector. This monobloc works at high production rates, exploiting a system called 'twin flap', which doubles the 12 channels of each counting unit without increasing the number of parts in contact.

At the beginning of the machine there is a Sirio 3 Code feeder, capable of positioning round, square, oval or rectangular vials (up to 180 a minute). As it is fed to the next station, the vial can be marked with a barcode or datamatrix code, after which it is cleaned internally and the code checked by a camera.

Other equipment on the stand includes the Mill120-2 machine which is loaded with plastic tubes with a cone-shaped top to be filled with a very small amount of liquid (between 0.6 and 7ml), at a speed of 100ppm and the BL-A421 carton labelling and tracking machine in line with the MC820 horizontal casepacker and palletiser. Together, these two machines are able to label, trace and package 400 cartons a minute.

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