AES releases three new standard cleanroom models

Published: 17-Sep-2020

AES Clean Technology has launched the Faciliflex Express product line that includes design, material, HVAC, and installation

AES Clean Technology has launched the Faciliflex Express product line. Faciliflex Express is a pre-designed cleanroom solution that delivers a commissioned cleanroom in as little as 6 months.

AES, the industry leader in modular cleanrooms has built over 3,000 cleanrooms since 1985. AES started as a mechanical design firm and integrated manufacturing and installation over the last 3 decades.

Standard designs are the next generation for snap together installation modular panel systems. Faciliflex Express has 3 models 5k, 15k, and 30k representing cleanrooms of approximately 5,000, 15,000, and 30,000 sqft. Each model is a fully integrated solution and includes design, material, HVAC, and installation.

Faciliflex Express is ideal for cell & gene therapy companies that need to rapidly bring their therapies to the patients. The traditional process of specifying a cleanroom has thousands of decision points. These decisions are both choices about the macro environment, down to the minutia. The process is time consuming, and introduces risk at each interface. The decision process results in cost variation, and creates unknown outcomes. Faciliflex Express eliminates the guesswork and provides a proven off the shelf solution.

AES Faciliflex, our longstanding HVAC + architectural solution has offered clients bespoke cleanrooms. The advantages in this approach include complete flexibility, customisation, and control. Faciliflex Express distills AES' 35 years of experience into a predesigned rapid deployable solution.

Faciliflex Express Benefits:

  • Known outcome
  • Fixed cost
  • Fastest speed to patient
  • Single source responsibility

Previous Faciliflex Express projects have passed regulatory inspection and are currently operational. Faciliflex Express is available immediately to anyone building a new facility. The 3 models span a range from clinical research to multi-product development. Faciliflex Express utilises single use technology and aligns with accelerated development programmes.

"Faciliflex Express is the AES response to the needs of the market and our ability to advance delivery of standard modular Cleanroom facilities in order to expedite delivery of the latest novel patient therapies to urgently save lives. We have leveraged over 200 years of combined Sr Management experience and our leadership position in the Cell and Gene Therapy space culminating in these fasttrack Solutions," said Ralph Melphi, VP Sales & Marketing.

"FaciliFlex Express maximises the full breadth of our knowledge and experience at AES. This new product line optimises the benefits of AES modular components into standard design configurations," said Mitchell Gonzales, VP Process Technology. "We've compiled the commonalities we've seen in many cell & gene projects previously completed. This approach shows meaningful timeline and cost reductions to greenfield and emergency response projects (e.g. COVID-19) where time is of the essence."

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