AM Technical Solutions announces support for downstream purification

Published: 23-Aug-2022

The high-profile project is expected to require 12-18 months to complete

Texan engineering and construction firm AM Technical Solutions is set to provide support to the downstream purification process.

The high-profile project is expected to require 12-18 months to complete, with AM Technical Solutions main area of focus being providing EPCMV (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management and Validation) of the downstream purification manufacturing space.

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"We understand the needs of biotech companies to support innovative research," said Brian Williams, SVP, Life Sciences. "We have the team, expertise and experience to deliver a fully commissioned and operationally-ready downstream purification processing facility to our customer."

AM Technical Solutions has pledged to provide dedicated project management support, commissioning and SME expertise in the areas of facility, utility and metrology instrumentation services. The brand will also be ensuring all assigned projects are completely safe, on time, within budget and meet high-quality standards.

"We are confident that our customer will soon have the infrastructure they need to lead at speed in the market," continued Williams. The company will also be providing a Senior Project Manager at the job site.

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