AM Technical Solutions to lead 12,000 sqft hi-tech cleanroom expansion

Published: 22-Jun-2022

A semiconductor manufacturing company has approached the engineering firm to help expand the capabilities of its existing facility in the Southwestern US

Increased demand for semiconductor products and constant innovation in the semiconductor industry have created challenges for manufacturers to keep up. Facilities that were once state-of-the-art are no longer sufficient to support production needs on a global scale.

AM Technical Solutions (AM) is deeply involved in the semiconductor industry and has a deep bench of experts that can strategically deliver projects for our customers.

We are confident that we will deliver this project with a 'first time right' approach

Recently, a semi-manufacturing company approached the company to help expand the capabilities of their existing facility in the Southwestern US. "Our client currently has a complete and functional semiconductor machining facility that produces high-quality products for the semiconductor industry. Now, the client needs to update the cleanroom space to support increased production," AM commented.

The company is squarely focused on providing comprehensive and cost-effective customer service, high-quality products, and exceptional service to their customers. This commitment has made them a leader in the industry. "We will help our client maintain their reputation and satisfy customer deadlines by delivering on the key project objectives," AM added.

The scope

The approved scope for this facility expansion project will cover approximately 12,000 sqft of cleanroom space.

To ensure that the project is completed according to the time, cost, and quality requirements, AM will be providing the following support documentation:

  • Preliminary Construction Documents: Architectural Wall, Ceiling, and Floor Plan documents as well as Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing documents.
  • Final Construction Documents: Architectural, Structural, ADA Site Plan, and MEPs.

Additionally, AM has been tasked with providing project support in the areas of architectural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing to help the client complete a key phase of the project.

The company is currently constructing a clean line room upstream to the new cleanroom. To bring this effort to completion, AM has said that it will be providing specific services, which include but are not limited to the following:


  • Fire-rated wall around cleanroom envelope.
  • Cleanroom modular walls to form return air chases.
  • Double doors and single doors.
  • Code sheet(s) and site plan, as required for permitting.


  • Establish the feasibility of utilizing the existing systems.
  • Confirm that the existing system is adequate to support the new cleanroom requirements.
  • New power panels to serve the new lighting and fan filter loads.


  • Ensure the feasibility and adequacy of existing systems for the new cleanroom.
  • Provide a sequence of operations diagrams and input as needed for the appropriate operation of the cleanroom.
  • Integrate all controls with the existing controls system.


  • Confirm the feasibility and adequacy of existing systems for the new space.
  • Verify the distribution of compressed air piping and drops to serve equipment in the cleanroom.
  • Support a new humidifier through sanitary waste piping.

We will be providing an engineering manager and a senior architect to lead this project for our client. Upon completion of the project, our client will gain more capacity in their facility and have access to additional clean space to support their semiconductor machining needs.

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"The semiconductor industry is moving at a very fast pace. We appreciate the opportunity to help manufacturers maintain current operations while simultaneously expanding their space," said COO Dan Codi. "Thanks to our proven project methodology and industry-leading expertise, we are confident that we will deliver this project with a 'first time right' approach to support the client's future production needs."

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