Astell names sales and service distributor in North America

Published: 4-Nov-2019

Progressive Recovery Inc. to carry Astell's steam steriliser autoclave range across the United States

Astell Scientific, the UK autoclave manufacturer, has signed a partnership with Progressive Recovery, Inc. (PRI) to be the exclusive sales and service dealer of its steam steriliser autoclave range in the United States. PRI is headquartered in Dupo, Illinois.

The partnership extends to the full range of autoclaves, ranging from 33 to 2000 litres, both circular and square section.

PRI's Bio division is an established dealer in many markets in the US, with clients in veterinary, university research, medical, pharmaceutical and other containment research facilities.

Astell’s autoclaves join PRI Bio’s existing families of biological sterilisation systems, including effluent decontamination systems, tissue digesters, pH neutralisation, and regulated waste treatment systems.

In addition, PRI’s Service Solutions arm will now support all new and existing Astell autoclave installations in the United States.

With one of the largest in-house service teams in the biowaste treatment industry, PRI Service Solutions gives customers a high level of responsiveness.

“Astell’s autoclave line is a perfect fit for us," said PRI's CEO, Jim Laarman. "Many of the customers we already work with will purchase an EDS or a Digester, but also have a number of autoclaves onsite. It makes sense for us to expand the offering for these customers, giving them a more streamlined source for all their sterilisation needs.

"The same goes for service – when we’re already onsite annually to inspect and maintain their equipment, validate filtration systems and test their vessels – we often have users who ask us if we can service their autoclaves while we’re there. Now, we can.”

All Astell autoclaves are available on the PRI website.

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