Astell Scientific release a range of waste-water-sterilising sinks

Published: 28-Oct-2021

First look at the AstellBio Sink

Astell Scientific are proud to announce the new AstellBio Sink range.

These small-scale thermal batch Effluent Decontamination Systems (EDS) are capable of automatically sterilising contaminated wastewater before dispatching it to the sewer.

With the capability to deactivate biological agents in hazard groups up-to-and-including level 3, the AstellBio Sink can be used across a range of containment levels. The Flagship of the range is the AstellBio Sink & Autoclave Combo (pictured), which combines the AstellBio Sink with the popular AMA440 Compact Top-loading Autoclave to create a versatile sterilisation station.

As with all Astell Autoclaves and AstellBio EDSs, the AstellBio Sink is customisable to the end-user’s requirements.

“The AstellBio Sink provides an excellent self-contained unit for all laboratories looking to enhance their biosafety credentials. Everything that goes down the sink is thoroughly sterilised using the most effective sterilant that there is – heat” said Astell’s Sales and Marketing Director, Paul Birchmore.

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