Binder adds CO2 incubators to product line

Published: 15-Apr-2014

First sterilisable CO2 sensor with IR technology

Binder, a German specialist in simulation chambers, has developed its next generation of CO2 incubators with the CB series.

All units can be sterilised at 180°C virtually overnight. The fixed heat-sterilisable CO2 sensor with IR technology is unique, the company says. The entire inner chamber including the sensor is sterilised without additional effort, thereby achieving a very high level of safety.

To minimise the potential for surfaces to be contaminated, the surfaces of the inner chamber have been reduced to a minimum.

The inner chamber also consists of polished stainless steel with rounded corners and as few fixtures as possible. This significantly simplifies the cleaning process, reducing the time spent on manual cleaning, the company says.

The advanced humidification system reduces humidity recovery times (after opening the door) by more than 50%, thus keeping evaporation of the medium to a minimum.

All units have a new controller with 5.7in colour display, which records all data. This data can be transferred to a PC via the USB interface. This allows incubation conditions to be documented and tracked continuously, which is essential in the production of cell and tissue cultures.

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