Clean Rooms International retrofits HEPA units for COVID 19 care sites

Published: 16-Apr-2020

Innovative Product Enables Rapid Conversion of Patient Care Rooms to Negative Pressure Rooms for Patient Isolation

Clean Rooms International, a leading manufacturer of cleanrooms, workstations and air filtration equipment, is taking action in response to the urgent needs presented by the COVID 19 pandemic. To support life sustaining and essential service providers, the company has successfully reconfigured and repurposed stock products to enable hospitals to convert standard patient rooms into negative pressure rooms for patient isolation. Clean Rooms International retrofits HEPA units for COVID 19 care sites

"Healthcare systems are experiencing incredible pressure to accommodate growing numbers of patients impacted by the coronavirus," said Tim Werkema, P resident and CEO of CRI. "Customers came to us seeking a new way to quickly convert standard hospital rooms into negative pressure rooms for quarantine. In less than a week, our team of engineers repurposed dozens of units. In less than a month, we’ve shipped more tha n 1,000 from coast to coast Due to the nature of the COVID 19 disease, which can be transmitted through respiratory droplets in the air, CRI engineers looked at its HEPA air filtration product inventory. Standa rd HEPA fan filter units were inverted and paired with exhaust systems or mounted to a small cradle with castors to create mobile units. The products are highly efficient in filtering and evacuating contaminants from the air. This creates a negative pressure environment, minimising airborne contagions from entering hallways and corridors in a health facility."

As infection levels continue to rise, hospital systems will look for new and inventive ways to convert their facilities to meet patient needs,” said Bret Asper, Chief Operating Officer at CRI. "We're grateful our product engineers were able to come up with a quick and cost-effective solution and we can bring this to market as quickly as we did."

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