Cleanroom IIoT and Remote O&M Market to exceed US$11bn in 2026

Published: 2-May-2017

New report from McIlvaine looks at market drivers in the cleanroom sector such as the need for greater digital process management of facilities

Operators of cleanrooms in the pharmaceutical, semiconductor and other industries requiring ultra clean environments will invest US$5.1bn in new rooms and other capital equipment plus an additional US$7.1bn in consumables and outside services this year, according to the latest forecast from market research company McIlvaine.

Of this total $1.2bn will be spent for IioT (Industrial Internet of Things) and remote operations and maintenance (O&M). The IIoT segment is expected to grow rapidly over the next decade and reach $11bn by 2026.

Asia will dominate the market due to its continued expansion of electronics manufacturing and its leading role in generic drugs.

The value of the IIoT and remote O&M market applied to the manufacturing sector generallly will be much larger but the cleanrooms sector will be an important segment. The challenge is to integrate the offerings of the cleanroom suppliers with the digital process management of the facilities, says the report.

Many large companies will be able to gain synergy among their products with IIoT related to cleanrooms. The report cites ABB as an example of a typical company in this field having many components as well as the digital process management programmes. The report says "Just as ABB incorporates Werum in its cloud-based solutions, it can also collaborate with Envirco, Mahindra, Lighthouse, Terra, Vaisala and Berendsen to provide the full range of remote support systems."

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