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Liquitec’s bio-cleanseal® cleanroom penetration system ensures a innovative and proven sealing between environments of various classifications. Control your environment with the outstanding pipe penetration system. It is a fast and easy provision of in situ airtightness, dust, water proofing, and sound reducing in manufacturing, packaging & research facilities.




The system basis is the innovative bio-cleanseal® WS, smooth stainless steel sealing element with an elastomeric mono seal for pipe penetration between controlled environments. We provide a technically outstanding solution with excellent performance. As option liquitec offers floor and multi-panel feed-trough systems.

Liquitec is specialized in supplying advanced technologies for sealing pipe systems in controlled clean room environments. We provide professional engineering solutions for the sealing of pipe systems and accessories. Count on professionals who are actively engaged in solving the problem of sealing where it’s necessary. Hygienic design by default is our commitment! All products are manufactured in accordance with regulations and GMP guidance. Documentation meets the basic requirements of GMP and provides access to the overall quality of the final product. The quality of the sealing element assure documentation for metallic parts inspection certificate 3.1 according to EN 10204and non-metallic regulations 21 CFR part 177.2600. All seal elements meet FDA part 177.2600 regulations as standard.


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