CWS opens new cleanroom academy campus in Dreieich

Published: 17-Jul-2023

On 6 July, CWS Cleanrooms officially opened its new Cleanroom Academy campus in Dreieich together with invited customers

Well-trained personnel is essential for keeping cleanrooms clean. Even the slightest misconduct, for example when putting on cleanroom clothing, can lead to contamination. That is why it is essential to train your staff regularly and optimally for assignments in such environments. The most effective training courses are those in which, in addition to important theory, practice can also be trained under real conditions.

Cleanroom trainings under realistic conditions

This can take place in an in-house training at the customer's premises or, so as not to disrupt ongoing operations there, in a day training course at one of CWS Cleanrooms' training centres. The company has training centres in Leipzig, Marburg and now also in Dreieich. In the newly opened, state-of-the-art Cleanroom Academy Campus in Dreieich, training participants will in future be able to work together with trainers on correct behaviour, airlocking, gowning as well as cleaning and disinfection under practical conditions. The campus has a fully functional cleanroom as well as state-of-the-art technology and equipment. 

Successful opening event

This also delighted the customers invited on site. In addition to exciting lectures, participants were introduced to the new premises and innovative disinfection processes were presented live.

In a very short time, we have created another training centre here with state-of-the-art equipment

- Markus Schad, CEO of CWS Cleanrooms

"It is valuable to have such meetings within the industry. We can all only benefit from external inspiration such as that regularly provided by CWS. Thank you very much for this," said an "impressed customer".

Markus Schad, CEO of CWS Cleanrooms, was also pleased: "In a very short time, we have created another training centre here with state-of-the-art equipment and were able to present it to our customers together today as part of a great event. We are looking forward to many training courses."

With expertise from over 30 years of cleanroom experience, the Cleanroom Academy offers in-house training and coaching at the customer's premises, as well as online training, in addition to one-day training courses held in its training centres. For more information and schedules, please feel free to contact us.

CWS Cleanrooms is the first full-service provider around clean production areas and cleanrooms. As a holistic solution provider, the company offers everything from a single source: from cleanroom cleaning to garment systems and processing, consumables, training and on-site services. A partner for contamination control throughout Europe to ensure reliable and sustainable production.

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