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Cardiff University launches cleanroom protocols CPD course

It is a short, asynchronous course, which participants can take in their own time, so is ideally placed to become part of an onboarding or inductio...

Get ahead of the curve in 2023 with a subscription

Keep abreast of significant cleanroom technology developments around the world

Guardtech unveils new online cleanroom configuration tool

The Suffolk UK-based company has unveiled a revolutionary new online tool that allows users to configure their very own cleanroom

3 lessons from COVID-19 about reconciling sterility with efficiency

The challenges pharmaceutical companies have faced in the race to develop a COVID vaccine and the key lessons they can bring into 2022 and beyond....

Cytiva to provide bioprocessing training at Indian incubation centre

The centre was set up by the Karnataka Innovation Technology Society (KITS) and the Government of Karnataka, with funding support from the governme...

Cleanroom Technology Conference goes hybrid

Taking place on the 14-15 September, the hybrid event will provide professionals exclusive insights and updates for the global cleanroom and contro...

Training: the basis of good contamination control

Recent FDA warning letters and inspection observations suggest that contamination monitoring remains a struggle for many pharmaceutical companies....

Tech industry strength could lead to London and the South East dominating STEM jobs growth

In an analysis of projected jobs growth by occupation between 2016 and 2024, nine of the ten fastest growing occupations in Great Britain are forec...

Cleanzone Conference presents top speakers and trending topics

Returning to Frankfurt in October, the event will provide information on cleanroom design, and demands faced by the industry

Evaluation and safe handling of ADCs and their toxic payloads: Part 2

In this second article of a two-part series, John Farris, CIH, and Robert Sussman, PhD DABT, SafeBridge Consultants, cover the safe handling of ant...

Game of Stools — making C. difficile training more fun and effective

Clostridium difficile infection is one the commonest HCAIs and the game is designed to provide effective training of frontline healthcare staff

Relieving the repetition

Installation of robots enables research scientists to improve efficiency at GlaxoSmithKline's UK r&d centre

NIBRT and GE Healthcare open new training centre

Each year 1,500 biopharma professionals will be able to train at the NIBRT-GE Single-Use Centre of Excellence in Dublin

Cleaner CDs

Pure sound quality relies on a pure source of water. Cleanroom Technology talk to Kinetico and discover how they helped Broadcrest UK

In Brief

Post pandemic transformation, collaboration & opportunities in Asia

Taylor & Francis Group partners with the BRSI

Sotera launches learning resource for sterilisation and lab testing

Training with NSF in December

CWS Cleanrooms: CleanroomAcademy expands portfolio with an online learning portal

ISPE releases guide to corrective and preventive action

Aerosol and Particle Measurement Short Course

Emerson launches new training solution

New NSF Training Center opens in Hamburg

DSEAR – Controlling Dust Explosion Risks

Looking beyond basics to select chemical protective gloves

Wickham Laboratories to present at Cleanroom Technology Conference 2018

Free webinar: Regulatory changes in medical device development

3rd PDA Europe Annual Meeting

RSSL leads the way at Making Pharmaceuticals Europe

Pharmig introduces its new interactive online training programme

Successful apprentices offered permanent contracts at expanding cleanroom supply company

Training courses with RSSL in July

Free online course teaches responsible antibiotic prescribing releases best practice video tutorials

Reducing risk from bacterial endospores in aseptic preparation supported by Cherwell

Training courses with RSSL in October

Cherwell confirms continued support for aseptic manufacturing training

Charles River offers endotoxin and microbial detection webinars

Cherwell Laboratories exhibits environmental monitoring and aseptic process validation range

Training courses with RSSL in December