Do you handle chemotherapy drugs?

Published: 30-May-2023

Put your trust in the Ansell Cytostatic Permeation Program (ACPP) for safer handling of chemotherapy drugs.


We invite you to watch our informative webinar to learn more about how dynamic testing (ACPP) differs from static testing (standards). 

Did you know that exposure to even one carcinogen molecule could induce cancer1?

That's why at Ansell, we offer the Ansell Cytostatic Permeation Program (ACPP), which goes beyond the standard ASTM or EN chemotherapy drug permeation testing. Our program tests to harsher real-world testing conditions at earlier points of permeation detection to ensure maximum protection and to help glove wearers choose the right glove.

By gaining a comprehensive understanding of how a glove's permeability to chemotherapy drugs is affected under different conditions, you can make an informed decision about which gloves to choose.



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