Dycem floor edging system reduces contamination risks

Published: 12-Oct-2011

Offers a low profile of just over 3mm

Dycem has unveiled a contamination control floor edging system that meets the specific requirements of cleanrooms and controlled environments.

The Bristol, UK-based firm says state-of-the-art floor edging, developed by Dycem and Professor Steve Hoskins at the University of the West of England, offers a clear demarcation zone, which is fully audit compliant and effective in removing 99.9% of foot and wheel contamination and reducing 75% of airborne contamination.

The polycarbonate edging system complements Dycem’s established flooring product and offers a low profile (just over 3mm), which the firm says is not found anywhere else in the industry, and ensures smooth movement of trollies, equipment and automated carts across the floor. The ‘complete seal’ edging prevents the ingress of microbial contamination and stops contaminated water from seeping under the floor resulting in bacteria growth.

According to Anne Marie Dixon, independent consultant for Dycem at Cleanroom Management Associates, who has tested the system: “Contamination from personnel and wheeled carts and tanks is a major concern in cleanrooms and controlled environments. In addition to personnel gowning and sanitisation of carts and wheels, Dycem offers products that assist companies in reducing risk in these transitional areas by providing additional reduction from floor contamination.”

Dycem says the adhesive used for the edging has been specially sourced and offers an absolute bond to the floor while still being easy to remove with a total ‘clean peel’ that does not leave any trace or residue. The adhesive has been extensively tested in critical environments to ensure high resistance to steam cleaning and commonly used chemical cleaning agents and sporicidals, such as phenols, quats, sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide.

Clear demarcation and zone guidance signage is also printed on the edging so that decontamination zones are clearly visible to staff and offer full health and safety compliance.

Where colour-coded zones are required the edging can be printed in any colour and it can also be fully branded with company logos/details.

Additional floor signage can be manufactured to a client’s specification to act as warning signs for decontamination areas. The signage is made from the same material as the floor edging and is also fully sealed to the floor.

The flooring can be cut to any size and is suitable for use in changing rooms, airlocks and critical entrance/exits. Dycem will undertake a site survey and flooring will then be custom-made according to the specific requirement of the environment. Installation is fast and on site staff can be Dycem-trained to fit the flooring.

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