Dycem develops audit compliance technology

Published: 31-Jan-2013

Flooring edging can be scanned to offer full audit details, including installation and recommended replacement dates

Global contamination control specialist Dycem Limited has developed innovative technology that can reverse print its contamination control polymeric flooring edging system with full audit details. Using a bespoke QR code, the edging can be scanned to offer full audit details including installation and recommended replacement dates on all Dycem installed areas.

Dycem’s state-of-the-art floor edging has been designed to offer a system that is fully audit compliant, effective in removing 99.9% of foot and wheel contamination and reducing 75% of airborne contamination.

In addition, clear demarcation and zone guidance signage is also printed on the edging so that decontamination zones are visible to staff and offer full health and safety compliance. Slip resistant and DDA compliant, the edging also ensures optimal compliance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Where colour-coded zones are required, the edging can be printed in any color and it can also be fully branded with company logos/details. Additional floor signage can be manufactured to client’s specification to act as warning signs for decontamination areas.

With auditing an important commercial factor in critical environments, the edging (also available as a label) promotes best practice and quality control through effective documentation and audit programming.

Each year, regulatory non-compliance costs the life sciences industry billions of pounds in fines, recalls, audits and more. Without an effective audit programme, a company is at higher risk for non-conformances, regulatory actions, security breaches, poor product quality, loss of certification and registration, increased product liability risk and a suboptimal process improvement system.

To avoid these missteps, companies should rely heavily on experienced audit compliance teams to implement best practices and successful processes to meet the internal and external challenges of auditing compliance.

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