Filter company Donaldson opens cleanroom in Germany for liquid filter production

Published: 30-Sep-2016

The firm moves into food and pharmaceutical filter production with its new LifeTec range

International filter manufacturer Donaldson has just opened a new production line in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, to meet demand for particularly clean liquid filters for the pharmaceutical and the food industry.

The products are produced at the new facility in Haan under very strict hygiene conditions and part of the process takes place in a 250 ft2 cleanroom.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, US, and known mainly for systems that purify air, steam and gases for aerospace, automotive and other industrial sectors, the company's latest line of products are designed to capture microbes, bacteria and particles from pharmaceutical and beverage products during manufacture.

Donaldson’s new LifeTec range includes PES-, PP- and PTFE-based cartridge elements for liquid process filtration, enhancing product performance in pharma, food and beverage production.

New media configuration and liner design provide significantly increased flow rates and particle holding capacities. The new liner design provides higher mechanical rigidity and helps to improve operational safety.

It is 'a third pillar' for the company and the company Donaldson expects this to be a great success, said CEO Heiner Carstensen.

Some 160 employees already work at the Haan site with around 10 new manufacturing jobs being created as well as a sales team for the new specialist product line.

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