Getinge makes the move to permanent contamination control mats and supports their environmental program

Published: 9-Apr-2024

Getinge is a leading global provider of products and services for healthcare and life sciences, founded on the belief that “saving lives is the best job in the world.”

The Merrimack, New Hampshire, Factory Operations division is a team of 350 people. Ticci Jancar, a plant operation engineer who has worked on that team since 2018, and is always on the lookout for best practices, chose Dycem to save time, and money, and help reach their environmental goals in the New Hampshire manufacturing plant.


Getinge, NH, was using disposable sticky mats and encountering significant issues. The mats were “not catching all the dirt, were hard to replace, leaving residues on the floor, and coverage was not ideal since (disposable mats have) limited size.” The New Jersey campus was already utilising/employing Dycem as an alternative in more critical production areas.

When the New Hampshire campus developed a new product that would require ISO 5 specifications, they decided they also needed to turn to a more comprehensive contamination control solution.


The decision was simple. After working with Dycem to determine a floor-level contamination control strategy, it was clear to Ticci and her colleagues that implementing Dycem would support their goals to improve quality, save time and money, and support Getinge’s sustainability targets.

Getinge NH first implemented Dycem flooring in their existing gown rooms in 2021. Seeing an immediate improvement, additional Dycem flooring was installed to cover all critical access points for the three cleanrooms by early 2022.

The Dycem mats offered a more appropriate size, covering a larger area with more capability for collecting and retaining latent particulate, and would no longer need to be peeled or replaced daily. Demarcation lines were custom-built into the mat to make it easier for staff to visually recognise that they were entering a controlled space.


Wheels and feet are decontaminated with ease, helping the warehouse and cleaning crew focus more on their daily tasks. The facility has realised significant cost savings of approximately $15,000 per year by switching to Dycem. On top of improved contamination control and long-term cost savings, the facility has made a positive contribution to Getinge’s environmental sustainability goals by eliminating over 3,000 sheets of plastic waste from sticky mats from entering landfills each year.

As of 2023, Getinge’s New Hampshire campus will have installed 20 Dycem mats to help maintain the environmental safety of their staff, products, and customers.

“With Dycem more dirt was prevented from entering the controlled environment and anterooms due to bigger coverage and capability of material catching more particulates. Huge cost savings.” – Ticci Jancar, Plant Operation Engineer

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