Helapet partners up with Interlink Express

Published: 1-Jul-2016

In partnership with Interlink Express, Helapet customers now have the opportunity to receive advanced notification of forthcoming deliveries, supporting successful first-time receipt of essential products. Nominated delivery contacts will receive personalised text messages and emails advising them of a Helapet delivery.

We understand that our customers need their products arriving on time and to the right location. This is why our notifications will include delivery dates, times and location, with additional facilities allowing customers to track shipments and even amend the delivery schedule.

How does it work?

Nominate a contact
Nominate an appropriate contact to receive delivery notifications. Include a mobile number and/or email address.

The delivery contact will receive a notification informing them of the delivery date and provide options to reschedule.

Ready for delivery
The delivery contact will receive an additional notification with a delivery time within a 1 hour window.

Text and email
Delivery notifications can arrive via text, email or both. Accurately track your delivery and see your final 15 minute time slot.

How do I opt-in?

To become part of this service, simply click here and fill in your delivery contact details online. Or email deliveries@helapet.co.uk with your Full Name | Organisation | Mobile Phone Number | Email Address

This is a completely free, complimentary service for all Helapet customers. If you have a specific question, please contact our front desk on 01582 501980.

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